Cali Traffic is the Worst in 2017

As terrible as it may be, traffic can be looked at in a positive light. The more traffic there is, the more jobs there are, and the better the economy is doing.

It is a known fact that California has the worst traffic. 81 hours were wasted with cars idling on the road. It’s no secret that driving is a big factor when living in Cali, so many people stay away for this reason. So how can it be fixed?

One idea was adding a railway system adjacent to the highways. Some drivers may switch over and clear the roads a bit, but this would just attract others who have been considering it to move to Cali, and the traffic would emerge yet again.

Another option would be to leave for work an hour or so earlier, or later, to try an avoid it. This, however, may be an issue with companies; the building may not be open that early, or your boss will not be happy with you showing up late.

If the traffic is effecting the management as well, they could potentially change their work times. Have their employees show up earlier or later. If multiple businesses do this, the traffic would be staggered and not as slow, but this is not a realistic solution.

Knowing your route to and from your destination is the best option. Figuring out which lane to be in, when to switch, and where your exit is will make the drive much less of a hassle.
Traffic conditions are always available on the news for drivers to check, but the reality is, you can’t really get around it. There are ways to make it better though.

If you are frequently stress, sitting in traffic can be a great time to practice some yoga or have some “you time.” By sitting up straight and breathing, practicing distressing techniques can improve your mood drastically. Driving is stressful as it is, but knowing the situation you will be in, and knowing how severe the traffic is daily, there is no point in getting angry, because it won’t get you anywhere, other than making your day worse.

Traffic is a pain, and no one likes it. Try to take some time during in your car for yourself; listen to your favorite music, breathe deeply, and stay calm.

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