Gasoline Delivery Trucks Gaining in Popularity in Los Angeles and San Francisco

Several new startups in the United States are attempting to get rid of gas stations. Through the use of a simple app, a customer’s gas tank can be filled up while they’re working, at the gym, or laying in bed relaxing. In Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta, and Nashville, gas delivery trucks from Filld, WeFuel, Booster Fuels, and Purple have made their debut. While this sounds like a convenient and exciting new service, some city officials believe that transporting hundreds of gallons of gas may pose serious safety hazards. Jonathan Baxter from the San Francisco fire department explained that if...

Shasta Lake Drought Levels from Interstate 5 California

The surface of California's largest reservoir rose by 144 feet between December 8, 2015, and May 2, 2016 as heavy rain and snowmelt overcame a severe four-year drought. The lake now holds more than three times as much water as it did in December.That doesn't mean we're off the hook, though; California is still in a long-term drought, and climate change is likely to make these kinds of droughts much more frequent. It may never be possible to recover from the groundwater overdrafts that many communities relied on during the drought.