Drives Worth Taking around Los Angeles

Known for its terrain, California is a beautiful place with many great views. There are some great places that are a must-see, and taking a scenic drive is one of the best ways to see them all.

At 16 miles long, spanning from San Luis Obispo to Morro Bay, the Morro Bay is an amazing drive to do in the spring time. There are colorful plants, birds, and as its titled, a bay. Morro Bay is known for it’s Morro Rock, which requires a small walk to see in it’s entirety.

The number one place to visit is also found in San Luis Obispo, and it goes to Monterey. At a length of 141 miles, the Big Sur Coast is a great location to drive to all year. It is a beautiful view of the ocean, with rocks, vegetation, and animals all around it. This is without a doubt a must see experience.

The next drive to take would be one on the Pacific Coast Highway. This road stretches the entire length of California, and is “one of the most beautiful in the entire world.” At 655 miles long, this is accessible almost anywhere you are in California.

Many of these scenic areas can be argued to be the most beautiful, the most breathtaking, or the best one to visit, but the Rim of the World is definitely up there. It can be found along Highway 18 and 38, and is a 107-mile drive. The drive can be a tricky one, but if you know how to maneuver through some tricky terrain, it is worth it.

The final place I will mention, although there are countless others, is the Palm to Pines. This drive is on Highway 74, and gives an outstanding view of the Southern California desert. If one of these places sparks your interest and you wish to spend a bit more time there, this is one to make a pit-stop at.

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