How to Handle Aggressive Drivers in Southern California

If you have never experienced aggressive drivers, you’re either very lucky or happen to be one. An aggressive driver is someone who is behind the wheel of a car, and has no regards for others on the road while being hostile and unsafe actions or decisions.

Many folks would say that New York has the rudest drivers, but South California is filled with them, too, and is said to be one of the top cities with the most aggressive driving. Los Angeles has drivers that will cut off a school bus, take handicap spots, keep their high beams on towards oncoming traffic, and take up two parking spots. Many of these actions are seen in every state, but the percentages of California drivers that commit these acts are at or above 50%. The best thing about these aggressive drivers in California, is that only 38% have admitted to becoming belligerent behind the wheel. Car accident lawyers are there to help when it comes to poor driving and injuries. Keep this in mind before assuming you are left in the dark after a severe injury in a car accident.

Whether you are an aggressive driver, or you deal with them daily, there are some things you can do to help. Step one is to breathe. Where is yelling going to get you? It will only make your day worse and give you unnecessary stress. The other options in helping the situation are to drive safely; cutting off a school bus can lead to a serious accident, and having injured a bus full of children on your shoulders is probably not what you want.

Consider others around you; everyone is trying to get somewhere, and they have their own way of doing it. Many aggressive drivers are speeders who are late to their destination, so they do what they think is necessary.

Leave a little earlier, prepare a bit sooner, try to arrive early, and make everyone else’s life a bit easier. It will make your life better, too.

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