Kardashian Brother Gets In Car Accident on 101 Freeway in Los Angeles

Rob Kardashian, the 29-year old star of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, stock entrepreneur, and luxury car collector was startled when a vehicle struck his luxurious Bentley as he was merging onto the 101 freeway in Los Angeles.

At the time of the accident, Rob was traveling solo. Fortunately, he was able to leave the incident with no injuries. His Bentley, however, suffered from some damage. The Mirror Online captured video footage that showed the rear bumper of the Bentley caving in as a result of the accident.

Whether or not others were injured during the crash is currently unknown. Based on the $200K purple Lamborghini purchase Rob recently made for his fiancée, 27-year old hip-hop model, Blac Chyna, it’s clear that he won’t have any trouble paying for the damage. Blac’s $325K engagement ring from Rob further proves this point.

Blac and Rob, who started dating at the beginning of 2016 have plans to spend big bucks on their upcoming wedding. According to a source, Blac would like an extravagant exotic wedding with all of her family members present and the most lavish food and wine.

Although Rob’s family did not initially approve of Blac, they’ve finally managed to accept her. For much more information on Los Angeles 101 Freeway car accidents click on the link for a very valuable resource. Note that the 101 Freeway is also known as Ventura Freeway in the Los Angeles area. Although 101 runs all the way up the west coast most people in Los Angeles travel a very small portion of the highway.

One would imagine that Rob Kardashian was simply driving from one part of Los Angeles to another when he was struck while merging on to the Ventura (101) Freeway.

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