LA Metro’s Twitter Account to Find Pokemon in Southern California

Many have lauded Pokemon Go for getting gamers out of their chairs and onto their feet — the virtual game requires them to walk around to find Pokemon, evolve their catches and gather supplies.

Of course, many participants have begun to improvise by using their cars to get them from Pokemon A to Pokemon B. In response, the LA Metro has tried to make it easy for public-transit takers to catch Pokemon, too: they’ve started a Twitter to help customers catch ‘em all via bus and train.

It all started after Metro customers started tweeting at the public transit service to share which Pokemon species they’d caught and where. The Metro then realized that many of their stops were places that Pokemon users congregate: Pokegyms, where one can go to virtually train Pokemon for battle, or Pokestops, which hold items that make it easier to grow and train Pokemon.

Upon this realization, they decided to launch a Twitter to help their customers find even more Pokemon as they travel. They also hope to create a map of the Metro system with Pokemon-related points of interest highlighted. But for now, LA Metro riders will benefit from the system’s stop-and-go style of transit, since it’s impossible to catch Pokemon at driving speed (the game won’t register movements made at speeds that are higher than walking or biking). So, when the bus or train stops at a station with, say, a Pokestop, commuters can pick up supplies while they wait for their ride to start moving again.

It’s also an easy way to travel to and from Los Angeles points of interest and popular tourist destinations, which tend to be areas of high concentration for Pokemon, Pokestops, Pokegyms, etc. So, the next time you need to go to, say, the Santa Monica Pier to pick up a Pokemon, forego your car for a bus or metro ride — you’ll be on the easiest route to catching ‘em all.

If anything, playing Pokemon Go on an LA Metro bus is better than trying to play while driving and causing a car accident. Have you been playing Pokemon Go in Los Angeles or parts of Southern California? Do you prefer to walk around the city and play or out in the country?

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