Can Los Angeles Drop the Traffic Accident Rates to Zero?

The intersection of Hollywood and Highland has been known as one of the most dangerous intersections in Los Angeles. An average of 13 annual collisions that prompted an average of 10 injuries occurred at this busy intersection over the last seven years.

Then, surprisingly, between November 15th and April 30th, only one crash that did not lead to any injuries took place. This drastic decline in accidents and injuries in November was the result of a pedestrian scramble installed by the city of Los Angeles. A pedestrian scramble is when all of the pedestrians walk at one time in any direction and then cars are directed to drive.

Nat Gable, a project coordinator for the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, explained that the scramble is extremely beneficial when there is a high volume of pedestrians. However, the tradeoff is cars being forced to wait longer at the red light.

The new crosswalk is a component of the Los Angeles VisionZero project, which is intended to reduce traffic deaths to zero by 2025. VisionZero is a global movement that began in Sweden in 1997 and was able to drastically cut traffic fatalities.

Gale noted that people make mistakes. They will always use their phone while crossing the street or driving. People will always drink too much and still believe they are capable of driving. While VisionZero cannot prevent these mistakes, the initiative can educate the public and enforce laws to reduce the likelihood of death in the event that a mistake is made.

Strategies to reduce traffic fatalities and injuries varies from intersection to intersection. The majority of the accidents at Hollywood and Highland involved pedestrians. Cars were hitting pedestrians while attempting to turn. The best way to make this intersection a safer place is to force cars to slow down.

Gale explained that although getting to zero traffic deaths by 2025 will be a challenge by 2025, it is a realistic and very attainable goal. She emphasizes the fact that it will require cultural and behavioral change as well as lots of money. Next year, there is $3.9 million set aside for projects similar to the Hollywood and Highland intersection.

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