Massages for Injured SoCal Drivers?

As if sitting in traffic for 15 hours a week isn’t bad enough, sometimes people get into car wrecks and need a helping hand recovering afterwards.

Drivers who have suffered injuries while driving in SoCal may soon find themselves driving for surgery, therapy, or even a massage. But do massages really help?

Massage Therapy

The therapy needed to properly recover from an injury depends entirely on the type of injury. A back rub isn’t going to cure spinal damage but there are plenty of ways massage therapy, is, well, therapy. Massage therapy can indeed assist with pain reduction. According to Massage Green Spa San Marcos, a wellness center near Escondido, after an accident, massage therapy can primarily help accident victims by:

  • reducing stress
  • reducing pain and swelling
  • improving circulation
  • improving range of motion

Chiropractic help

“Finding and treating an injury in the early stages of healing is much faster and better for you than waiting and either seeking care much later or not at all. Waiting simply allows the formation of scar tissue to occur needlessly in injured muscles and this can lead to chronic pain in the joints an injured regions.” Says Dr. Matthew Gloin on his article about auto accidents and chiropractic.

You should probably ask your doctor if a chiropractor may be able to help you with your specific injury. Or, you could always ask your chiropractor if your doctor may be able to help you with your injury…


Of course, your doctor and surgeons and other medical professionals will need to assist you here. Don’t go trying your own surgery at home. Although some can “sell” their own services, muscle or nerve damage, or joint and ligament tears simply aren’t going fix themselves and may require an invasive surgery. In many cases, after a surgery, massage or chiropractic assistance can be a good combination to assist with healing. You can find the “best orthopedic surgeons” via this Hollywood reporter article, that is, if you wish to get surgeon recommendations from The Hollywood Reporter.

Other treatments

Were you injured? What did you find useful? Beer? Lavender essential oil? Acupuncture? A witch doctor?

Did you get a massage? Did your massage benefit you? How?

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