Most Popular Cars in California

Southern California is a hot spot for celebrities, trends, and tourists. What you own tells a lot about yourself, especially your car.

The most popular cars in SoCal are the Honda Accord and the Honda Civic. The Honda Accord is also the most popular car in the United States, and the Civic is number four. The Honda Accord, however, is not the best car to drive in California.

For efficiency purposes as well as a good image, the Tesla Model S is the number one car to drive. It is the best when it comes to saving money on gas, and is definitely one to impress.

Following the Tesla, any hybrid is great for driving in Cali, as well as anything with a push to start/stop button.

There is a down side to owning these cars, though. The Honda Accord is not only the most popular to drive, it is the most popular car to be stolen as well, with the Honda Civic at number two.

Having a nice car can be an issue alone, because many thieves could want to try and steal it. There are a few ways to reduce the risk, though. By keeping personal items such as your wallet, purse, phone, jackets, or anything expensive on your person will help to prevent some theft. Keeping the keys of the car on your person is also a must.

These tactics may help, but there are always some thieves who will attempt stealing the car anyway. Trying to always be aware of the surroundings and area your car is parked in will help, too, but even car dealerships find themselves under attack. A lot that held Infinity and Nissan cars had at least 15 stolen over the past few weeks, leading to car chasings and multiple arrests.

Taking all the precautions to save your car from being stolen may help, but there is no guarantee. In a densely populated area, theft is more common. Staying aware of the local news is the best way to help yourself out, and keeping your car locked your best bet.

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