Tufesa Bus Driver Falls Asleep Causing Deadly Accident

On Tuesday, May 31st, a bus driver fell asleep at the wheel and crashed south of the border in Sonora State with several Arizona passengers on board. Investigators state that the bus driver will not face charges for this fatal accident that killed three passengers and injured 16 others.

Brenda Jimenz, the spokeswoman for the state police and attorney’s office explained that the family members reached an agreement with the bus company and will not press charges against the bus driver. Since this agreement was reached, the driver will not be responsible for the crash.
At the time of the crash, there were 24 people on the bus traveling from Los Angeles to northwestern Mexico via Arizona. According to the bus company, four of the 24 passengers boarded the bus in Tucson and Phoenix.

The Tufesa bus accident occurred approximately 260 miles south of Nogales.

While the State Department confirmed that the passengers involved in the accident were U.S. citizens, they refused to discuss the crash further because of “privacy considerations.” However, Jimenez did disclose that a 68 year-old woman from Tucson and 64 year-old woman from Phoenix were the two U.S. citizens on the bus. They were both released from the hospital, made the decision to refrain from pressing charges, and left.

Jimenez also explained that although the bus driver will not face any charges from the families of the four passengers who passed away, they may suffer from charges from the other passengers who were injured.

When asked about the legal rights of the passengers of this accident, esteemed Los Angeles bus accident lawyer Hussein Chahine explained that residents of Los Angeles and southern California can take Tufesa to court in the state of California even if the accident happened in Arizona, New Mexico or the country of Mexico. This may be hard for some to understand, but it is best to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer before assuming there is no opportunity to recover the money to pay for medical costs, loss of income and pain and suffering.

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