Volvo Claims Californians and New Yorkers Really Want Driverless Cars

It’s not surprising that opinions on autonomous cars vary from state to state. Recently, Volvo conducted a survey that disclosed nine out of ten New York residents and 86% of Californians believe that driverless vehicles could simplify life.

In comparison, 62% of Pennsylvania residents surveyed revealed that self-driving cars will prevent traffic accidents. In the state of Texas, only 60% of survey participants believe that driverless cars could protect their families.

In Illinois, only 52% of residents in the study said that they would trust an autonomous vehicle to make safe decisions on the road. This finding proves that Illinoisians doubt driverless cars even more.

This Future of Driving Survey by Volvo is the largest conversation about self-driving vehicles to date, capturing the thoughts of nearly 50,000 people. Although its findings prove that Americans have different opinions on their trust and enthusiasm on autonomous cars, 90% agree that the government is slow at identifying their plan for these smart vehicles.

Volvo’s survey can leave the country with a two key conclusions. First, government agencies must improve the way they educate others about the advantages of autonomous cars. Secondly, the government needs to do a better job of supporting these revolutionary vehicles as they come to fruition.

One thought on “Volvo Claims Californians and New Yorkers Really Want Driverless Cars

  1. I like the idea of autonomy in cars but it seems only effective if all the other cars on the road are autonomous as well. I don’t wanna be one of 5 autonomous cars on the road surrounded by people who can’t drive well on their own lol but if anyone is gonna pull it off it’ll be volvo!

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